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Electrical Repairs in Massachusetts

We will help you with any type of repair of any size. You may need a switch replaced or maybe a bulb replaced that is to high for you to reach. Or maybe install a light lift for the foyer light so you can lower it down to clean it and replace bulbs. Are you tired of those plastic child proof inserts? We can install new plugs with child safety built into them, No more trouble for you to be safe.

We offer whole house surge protection to help with all those electronics in your home. Is your bathroom vented properly or well. Moisture can cause many problems in your home. The biggest problem is mold so make sure your bath fans are working and vented properly to the outside. Attic should be well ventilated as well. We offer many ways to do both. Some things don't seem to be a problem right away but lead to larger trouble if not taken care of properly. Ventilation in your home makes it a safer healthier place to live.

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